JOB GROWTH to Keep Families in Kingston

  • promote Williamsville District to attract shops and services for the daily needs of residents to improve quality of life
  • support for local business and entrepreneurs
  • encourage business growth and public transportation where there is intensification

BALANCED Approach to Housing

  • make sure low to mid-income demographic is not forgotten by ensuring a wide range of housing that is affordable for every income level
  • proactively nurture town-gown relations

SAFE and HEALTHY Neighbourhoods

  • approach safety proactively
  • preserve and improve parks, gardens, and natural space
  • support increased police and bylaw presence
  • ensure maintenance of road, biking, and walking infrastructure
  • advocate for traffic calming measures where needed

My name is Vincent Cinanni (pronounced “chi-nan-nee”) and I am running for Kingston City Council in the October 2022 city elections.

My wife Julie, my son Tony and I have called Williamsville District home for 16 years, where I volunteer at the Memorial Centre Farmers Market and on the parent council at Rideau Public School. I am also on my 4th year serving on the Committee of Adjustment for the City of Kingston.

I earn my living as a Senior Web Developer at a locally run IT company where I have proudly worked for 23 years.

I am running for city council because I believe in a Kingston where neighbours respectfully listen to each other before making city-wide decisions. Also, Julie and I want Kingston to be a place where our son has a chance to find a good job when he grows up.

I will bring your voice from Williamsville to City Council by tirelessly working to resolve our neighbourhood concerns and make them a priority for the city.

Voter Resources

You are eligible to vote in the 2022 Kingston Municipal Elections if you meet the following requirements

  • You are a Canadian citizen; and
  • You are at least 18 years old; and
  • You are a resident in the City of Kingston; or
  • You are a non-resident of the City of Kingston, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the City; and
  • You are not prohibited from voting under any law.

To check if you are on the voter’s list, use MPAC’s online tool at  To get your name added to the voters’ list you can fill out and print this form found on the city’s website. Then provide ID with your name and address, you can submit it in person at City Hall or you can email a scan or clear photo of the signed document along with your ID to [email protected] – visit the city’s website for all the details

Post-secondary students are eligible to vote in the municipal elections.

You will be able to vote online starting Oct. 5th and ending on Oct.24th at 8:00pm. To be eligible to vote online you must e registered by 5:00pm on Oct. 24th.

There will be free transit for those showing their Voter Information Notice when boarding the bus on both Advance Voting Day (Oct. 18-22) and Voting Day (Oct. 24) between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Your municipal government is responsible for providing the following services:

  • library services
  • public transit
  • parks and recreation
  • public health
  • garbage collection and recycling
  • water and sewage
  • local police and fire services
  • ambulances
  • employment and social services
  • childcare
  • long-term care and senior housing
  • social housing
  • building permits
  • arts and culture
  • maintenance of the local road network
  • sidewalks
  • electric utilities
  • animal control and by-law enforcement

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