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I have known Vince for 11 years and I know that he is a compassionate and committed individual. I know that he is passionate about Kingston in general, but more importantly, mental health, affordable housing, and the future of our youth. Vince is reliable and overall a down to earth reasonable and thoughtful human being. I have no doubt that Vince would be a committed and hard working councillor.

Sophie Kiwala

Vince Cinanni and I have knocked on a lot of voters’ doors together. Voters should know that he’s a good listener. He has got a clear vision that motivates his run for City Councillor and Williamsville residents can expect that he’ll continue to listen closely to them as he works on realizing that vision.

Ted Hsu

Vincent will make a great councillor in Kingston. he listens; he acknowledges he does not have all the answers but is willing to work with others to find solutions to make our a better place to live for everyone. I urge the voters in Williamsville to support him in this election. We need young energetic representation!

John Gerretsen

Vincent Cinanni will make a great city councillor for Williamsville and Kingston. He is an extremely approachable person. He’s the type of person you feel comfortable chatting with over the phone or sending a quick email, which is something you want in an elected official. He’s also a careful thinker, highly attuned to fine details as well as an overarching picture. He’s someone who already volunteers in the community and knows it well. Lastly, he is a person who has an authentic reason for entering politics: he wants to make Kingston a better place for future generations. I definitely believe Vincent will make the kind of well-balanced decisions that Kingston needs.

Tara Sharkey